About Us

Moonvalley Capital provides financial advisory in diverse fields such as: M&A, divestitures, capital raising, enterprise valuations, restructuring & distressed, among others. We also engage in Private Equity and are growing our capabilities in Venture Capital. We are focused on Latin America.

Our Purpose

Advising our clients with passion on their financial opportunities and challenges.

Our Vision

To be a reliable and independent advisor to our clients and investors, contributing with global experience, knowledge, and action to their strategic financial decisions. Our goal is to be a reference among financial advisory and alternative investment firms in the markets we operate and provide continuous high quality services while always maintaining our delivery at a human scale.

Our Mission

Creating value to our clients by advising them on strategic financial decisions and providing, executing and managing attractive investment opportunities. We want to make our client’s financial lives and our team’s lives happier as a result of our relationship.

Our Values


Passion, in everything we do.


Relationship, our driver.


Reputation, our most valuable asset.


Delivery, our style.


Proactivity, our attitude.

Our Company

Moonvalley Capital is built on the extensive experience and knowledge of its partners and a wide network of relationships with the main companies and investors in Latin America. This base provides the ideal framework to advise investors, shareholders, board members and executives on their strategic financial decisions.

Our Founding Partner

Has a professional track record backed by a significant and successful experience in transactions in several countries in Latin America. We provide a regional perspective and quality transaction execution skills, together with deep local market knowledge based on our partners’ experience.

Global Coverage & Strategic Alliances

Countries where Moonvalley Capital has executed transactions and jurisdictions of its Clients.

Strategic Alliances of Moonvalley Capital


G5 Partners, an investment banking company based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, which is Brazil’s largest independent financial advisory services firm, operating in the areas of wealth management, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring and real estate.


SXA, a boutique financial services firm based in Tokyo, Japan. They provide cross-boader end-to-end M&A services.


Korkia is an internationally operating investment and advisory company specialized in sustainable development based in Finland.